All competitors taking part in events that have received their appropriate Home Nation Association Event Permit should familiarise themselves with the British Triatlon Competition rules, in order to comply fully and avoid incurring a penalty for infraction.  It is important for parents/guardians accompanying children to races are aware of the rules.  

If you have any queries about taking part in races please ask your Group coaches they will be more than happy to help you.

Race Entry Guide

Most races are entered individually, not by the club. Links to the online entry are on the events calendar for each race. There are a few points to remember:

  • All club members should aim to do some racing. We suggest between 4 and 8 races per season with a priority given to club championship races.
  • You may be asked for an estimated swim time for the race swim distance. If your estimate changes between entry and about a month before the event, please notify the race organiser.
  • Make sure you know which age group to use using our age group guide. Remember the age groups are linked to year of birth, not school year,
  • To be included in the Eastern Region Junior or Children's League you will need to be a member of Triathlon England.  You will need your Triathlon England membership number when you enter.  
  • Children's events can fill up very quickly. 
  • If an event is full it is still worth putting your name down on the waiting list as their is usually a good chance of getting in. Race organisers will notify you if a place becomes available.
  • If you have entered a race and can no longer take part, please notify the organiser as soon as possible. You may receive a refund and it will allow someone else the opportunity to race.
  • Finally, please enter using the club name "WaldenJNR"

Age Groups and Race Distances

The age groups for racing are based on age at the 31 December of the year the race takes place, and hence could be different for children in the same year group at school.

The age groups are as follows:

Race Distances

The table below gives the maximum age group distances for each age group;


Age Group Pool Swim Open Water Cycle (grass) Cylce (tarmac) Run
TriStart 50m 100m 1km 1500m 600m
TriStar 1 150m 200m 2km 4km 1200m
TriStar 2 200m 300m 4km 6km 1800m
TriStar 3 and Youths 300m 500m 6km 8km 2400m


Age Group Run 1 Cycle (grass) Cycle (tarmac) Run 2
TriStart 400m 1km 1500m 200m
TriStar 1 1200m 2km 4km 400m
TriStar 2 1600m 4km 6km 600m
TriStar 3 and Youths 2km 6km 8km 800m



Age Group Pool Swim Open Water Run
TriStart 50m 100m 600m
TriStar 1 150m 200m 1500m
TriStar 2 200m 300m 2000m
TriStar 3 and Youths 300m 500m 3000m


Race distances are not precise. No two events are the same as the transitions between each discipline are included in the race.

Types of Race Summary

Club Championship

We run two club championships, one for Tristar and Youth and the other for the Junior (17/19) age group. These are local races in the East region and many are league race. The best 4 races count and you can earn bonus points at selected events were we aim to have a high club turnout at. Cycling is on grass or closed circuits.

East Region Children’s League

This is for Tristar and Youth age groups. Most of the races are included in our Club Champs The best 5 races count and you must be a member of Triathlon England to take part. Cycling is on grass or closed circuits.

Inter-Regional Championship (“IRC”)

This is the National Championships for Tristar 2 and 3 age groups and is an open water drafting race on tarmac. The East Region select a team of 3 boys and 3 girls from each age group, based on performances in two IRC qualification races. The IRC is part of the Under 20’s Festival which includes the final race in the Youth and Junior Super Series

Youth and Junior Super Series

This is a series of 6 races and a pathway into elite racing. The races are drafting races and to take part you need to attend a Performance Assessment Weekend or be a member of a regional academy.

East Region Junior League

This is for Junior age groups. Some of the races are included in our Junior Club Champs The best 3 races count and you must be a member of Triathlon England to take part. The races are mainly adult races with the cycling on public roads.

East Region Junior Championship Races

These are one off races with an Aquathlon, Duathlon and Triathlon Championship.

Age Group European and World  Championships

These are international Duathlon, Aquathlon and Triathlon Championships in which juniors and adults who are not racing at elite level can represent Great Brtiain. To qualify, you have to take part in a qualification race. Entry fees, travel and kit can make these races very expensive.