Aged 15 or 16 at the 31 December of the year race is held.

This is the last childrens age group before children move into the Junior (16 to 19) who mainly compete in adult races.  Youths belong to Group F or Group C of our Saturday morning training groups.

Youth races are usually held on school playing fields on grass. There are a few open water races and if cycling on tarmac it will be on roads without traffic. Because of the short distances, quick transitions are important.

Youths  can compete in our Club Championship and in the Eastern Region Children' League and there is a summary of all races on our East Region Race Calendar. On these pages the links tell you about each race and how and when to enter.

Talented Youths should try to qualify be be a member of the East Regional Academy who meet throughout the year for more intense race specific training sessions. 

Talented Youths can also apply race in the Britis Triathlon Youth and Junior Super Series which are draft legal races. 

According to the BTF rulebook children in this age group can race up to Sprint distances, although we don't recommend they race this far. Normally Youths race over the same distances as Tri Star 3 as follows:

  • Swim 300m (pool) 300m to 350m (open water)
  • Bike 6km (grass) 8km (tarmac)
  • Run 2.4km
  • Run 2km
  • Bike 6km (grass) 8km (tarmac)
  • Run 800m
  • Swim 400m (pool) 300m to 350m (open water)
  • Run 3km