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Club Championships - Junior

2017 Results

These Club Championships are new for 2018 and are open to all club members in the Junior age categoy. Club Championship trophies are presented to the top 3 boy and girl at the Club's Awards Evening usually held in November.

In 2018 members can earn points at any of 10 races listed below. The best 4 scores count with a maximum of 40,000 race points earned this way.

Race Points are awarded based on the overall gender winning time. The formula is:

(Competitor time ÷ Winning time) × 10000

There are 5 bonus races shown below which are chosen to promote competition between our club members at these events with 500 bonus points awarded from attending 3 out of the 5 races.The maximum bonus points which can be earned is 1,500.

In addition, to encourage participation in the Eastern Region Relay Champs a futher 500 bonus points will be awarded for just taking part in a team.

You can find out much more information about each race by clicking on the race name.

Date Race
08-Apr Basildon Aquathlon Bonus Race
29-Apr Colchester Sprint Triathlon East Region Junior League
6-May Walden Triathlon - WT18 Bonus Race East Region Junior League
27-May East Region Triathlon Relay Championships
29-Jul Trifarm Sprint Triathlon Bonus RaceEast Region Junior League
18-Aug Infinity Aquathlon
2-Sep Duck N Dash Aquathlon
8-Sep Clacton Open Water Cross Sprint Triathlon Bonus Race
16-Sep Cambridge Tri Club's Aquathlon
23-Sep West Suffolk Triathlon Bonus Race East Region Junior League
7-Oct Haverhill Sprint Triathlon