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2017 East Region Tristar and Youth Race Calendar

Below is a summary of all the East Region races for the Tristar and Youth age groups.

***Please note that to be eligible for the East Region Children's League in 2017, you will now have to be a member of Triathlon England (join here)*** 

Date Type Event Entries
12 Mar CCB EL Bedford Autodrome Childrens Duathlon Results
8 Apr   Tri Sport Epping (Upminster) Aquathlon Results
9 Apr CC Basildon Aquathlon Results
6 May CC EL Infinity Aquathlon Results
21 May   Stradbroke Aquathlon and Triathlon  
4 Jun CCB EL IRC WaldenJNR Triathlon Results
10 Jun CC EL East Essex Kids Triathlon Results
17 Jun CC EL Norwich Junior Triathlon Results
25 Jun CCB EL IRC Rob McLean Junior Triathlon Results
2 Jul CC EL West Suffolk Junior Triathlon Results
8 Jul CC EL The Leighton Buzzard Kids Triathlon Results
16 Jul CCB EL Discovery Open Water Tri Results
22 Jul CC EL Framlingham Junior Triathlon Results
23 Jul CC EL Kimbolton Castle Children's Triathlon Results
 29 Jul   TriSport Epping (Upminster) Triathlon Results
 13 Aug CC Hoddesdon Tri Junior & Youth Triathlon Results
17 Sep CC Cambridge Tri Club's Aquathlon Results
30 Sep CCB EL Clacton Children's Duathlon and Youth Triathlon Enter

The different types are as follows:

CC - Club Championship Race - Best 4 races count

CCB - Club Championship Bonus Race - Extra points available from max of 3 races

EL - East Region Children's League - Best 5 races count but 4 must be triathlons. You must be a Triathlon England member (Join here) to be eligible.

IRC - Inter Regional Championship Qualification Race- for Tristar 2 and Tristar 3.