The club sells all junior kit through the kit shop which is open on certain Saturday training session. Dates and times of opening are published below.

Kit is sold on a first come first served basis, and no items are ordered on line or can be reserved.  

No items can be purchased or exchanged outside kit shop opening hours. The kit shop is run by volunteers if you would like the kit shop to be open more frequently please offer to help.

The shop runs a cashless system. Items are collected from the shop and signed for. A PayPal invoice is then be sent and should be paid for on the day of receipt.

Please note: We expect all children to train in the pool in a club swim hat and swimming costume or tri-suit.

Shop Opening

Date Time
Saturday, 3 May 16 8.30 am to 10.30 am


Kit Shop Price List

The items sold are set out below. Please note that we do not aim to make a profit on any items, and Trisuits prices are subsidised by the club.

Item Cost
Buffs £8.00
Elastic Laces £3.00
Hoodie £15.00
Race Belts £5.00
Swim Bag £25.00
Swim Hat £4.50
Swimming Costumes £14.00
Tri-Suit £50.00
T-Shirts £7.50