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Due the the popularity of the club currently there is a waiting list for most age groups. To be added to the club waiting list, please complete the enquiry form via the link below. Once completed you will receive an email confirmation and this will ensure you have been added to the waiting list for the relevant age group. 


We cannot advise you on the length of time you may have to wait; this depends on members leaving which is impossible to predict.  However as soon as place in the main Saturday sessions becomes available, Erica Redfern, the Membership Secretary will contact you by e-mail to offer you a place.  

If your child attends training or a trial you are required to complete the parent consent form which doubles as the club membership form. This provides us with key emergency contact details as well as medical information. Membership fees and Term Fees are invoiced using a PayPal invoice sent by e-mail. 


Please note that club membership does not include British Triathlon Membership which we recommend for those planning to race regularly.


The Annual Membership fee is £10 per calendar year. This enables the children to enter races under the club name. All new members will receive a drawstring transition bag and a club swim hat.

Term fees are paid at the start of each term for Saturday training.  To be a member of the club Saturday training is the main training day and is the core of the club sessions. The fee works out at £4.00 per week  for Groups 1, 2, F, and C and  £3.00 per week for Group S assuming the child attends every session.

Sibling discount

For members who have siblings term there is a discount for term fees  applied as follows:

20% second child
30% third child
40% fourth child

Note:  Discounts are applied to the younger siblings.  The club reserve the right to remove the discount if fees are not made promptly.  Within 10 days of invoice date.

To encourage the continuation of membership, but in recognition of study commitments, those children in school years 12 & 13 are charged a termly retainer £12 (equivalent to three sessions) instead of the full term's fees.  Any additional sessions will be charged separately at a later date.  The same fee structure is used for the Summer  Term for year 11.  Please note, the Annual membership fee of £10 per year is still due in addition to the aforementioned fee structure.

Swim Sessions

For those children who sign up for the term swim sessions we also charge on a term basis of £4.00 a session to cover costs of the hire of the pool and lifeguards.  

Queries on term fees please contact our Membership Secretary, Erica Redfern.

All fees are invoice using a PayPal e-mail invoice, and it helps save volunteer time if these are paid promptly and we don't need to chase.

Attendance Policy

As a competitive Triathlon club for young people we are dedicated to ensuring that members get the very best out of their membership.  Regular training is essential to maintain and improve technique and fitness – and to maximise the opportunity to do well in competitions.  Training with friends also provides an essential social aspect to sport.

Of course we understand that members will not be able to attend every session, for a host of reasons, such as injuries, competing in events, triathlon or others, or playing in team sports, and we support our members taking part in a wide variety of activities.

However we have a long waiting list, and if your child is only going to attend one or two sessions per half term it really isn’t fair on those who are keen to join, and have to wait until a space becomes available.  Plus of course you cannot be your best if you don’t train

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British Triathlon Membership

For those racing on a regular you ought to consider joining  Triathlon England.

Membership is now an annual rolling membership.

The benefits include:

  • No day license fee is needed for race entry. If you are not a member a day licence must be purchased for each race entered at a cost of £2 per race.
  • Subscription to a quarterly magazine called Trinews
  • A British Triathlon Annual Handbook which included details of all races during the year
  • Worldwide Personal Accident Cover whilst training and racing

Juniors need to be members of British Triathlon if the which to qualify for the Eastern Region Team to race in the Inter Regional Championship which take place each year in September.

The following membership packages are available. The 'Ultimate' membership provides enhanced insurance cover, but the 'Core' memberships are perfectly adequate for all domestic racing:

Membership Package Age Range Price
Adult Core 25+ £46.00
Adult Ultimate 25+ £68.50
Student Core 19-24 £26.50
Student Ultimate 19-24 £49.00
Junior Core 8-18 £26.50
Junior Ultimate 8-18 £49.00