The club has an experienced and very committed coaching team and has benefited from a number of parents who have now obtained a coaching qualifications. All are unpaid volunteers.

Our team of volunteers is called the Wallace CREW and we are always looking for new more helpers to do the many small jobs which make the club run so well. If you are interested in joining you can fine out more here.

If you are interest in coaching please contact Head Coach, Craig Dyce at

Craig Dyce

Head Coach

(Level 2 Triathlon, Level 2 Athletics, Level 2 Cycling and Level 3 Personal Training)

Craig Dyce

Craig joined the team in 2010 and quickly completed his Level 1 & Level 2 triathlon coaching courses. He passed his Level 2 Athletics qualification in 2011 and his Level 2 Road Cycling in 2012.
Craig became WaldenJNR Head Coach in January 2019.
Craig regularly competes in duathlons and has represented GB at the European and World Age Group Championships since 2012. He is currently World and European Sprint champion in his age group. 
Craig has his own personal training and sports coaching business, Dyce Fitness and also coaches regularly for the senior triathlon club, WaldenTRI.

You can contact Craig at


Name Group Qualification
Marianna Hatzixanthi Group S Youth Activator
Garce Wardle Group S Youth Activator
Olivia Sanders Group S Youth Activator
Nick White Group 1 Adult Activator
Katherine Probert Group 1 Adult Activator
Seraphina Harris Group 1 Youth Activator
Keira Shaw Group 1 Youth Activator
Morgan Neaves Group 1 Youth Activator
Doug Bowen Group 2 Adult Activator
Emma Birkwood Group 2 Adult Activator
Mel Latham Group 2 Adult Activator
Euan Herbert Group 2 Youth Activator
Catherine Franklin Group 2 Youth Activator
Lewis Buchallet Group 2 Youth Activator
Richard Simms Group F Adult Activator
Tujan Sari Group F Adult Activator
Michael Buchallet Group C Adult Activator
Adam Pearson Group C Helper
Nick Hawker Group C Helper


Name Group Qualification
Florence Greatrix Group S Leader Level 2
Chris Outtersides Group 1 Leader Level 1
George Dunlop Group 2 Leader Level 2
Ben Bely Group F Leader Level 2
Gerry Frewin Group C Leader Level 1
Simon Page Sunday Swim Leader Level 2
Jo Harris Wed Swim Leader and Group 2 Level 2
Sarah Switzer Group S Level 1
Ali Blackwell Group S Level 1
Iona Page Group S Level 1
Laura Sims Group S Level 1
Elaine Bramley Group 1 Level 2
Geoff Jones Group 1 Level 2
Rebecca White Group 1 Level 1
Rob Aspden Group 1 Level 1
Kate Rees Group 2 Level 2
Sally Vail Group 2 Level 1
Josh Vail Group 2 Level 1
Dave Pulford Group F Level 1
Andy Cockburn Group F Level 1 Cycling
Sam Hughes Group F Level 2
Steve Blackwell Group F Level 2
Craig Stewart Group C Level 1
Paul Harris Group C Level 1