Group S

(TriStart - born in 2011)

train for one hour from 8.30am to 9.30am on Saturdays during school terms. From Sept 2018 the group is for those who were born in 2011 who will race in the Tristart age group in 2019.

The aim is to introduce children to the sport in a fun way, with plenty of games with a high emphasis of developing balance and coordination skills and safety whilst cycling.

Children joining the group will be expected to be able to swim front crawl for at least two lengths without holding on to the sides.

Arlene Mclean is the Group Leader and can be contacted at She is supported by Sam Hughes.

You will find details of how to apply to join Group S on the membership page.

Arlene McLean

Group S Leader

(Level 2 Triathlon)

Arlene McLean

Arlene started coaching at the club when the club started in 2009. She passed the BTF Level 1 qualification in 2010 and the Level 2 qualification in February 2013. She coaches with the Senior side of the club and is a very active supporter of Saffron Seals and the local Brownee troop.


Aged 8 at the 31 December of the year race is held.

WaldenJNR Tri Start members in action

This is the youngest age group at which children can take part in a triathlon and is based on age at the end of the year. TriStarts belong to Group S of our Saturday morning training groups.

Races are usually held on school playing fields on grass. Open water races are rare and if cycling on tarmac it will be on roads without traffic. Because of the very short distances, quick transitions are very important.

TriStarts can compete in our Club Championship and in the Eastern Region Children' League and there is asummary of all races on our East Region Race Calendar. On these pages the links tell you about each race and how and when to enter.

The standard race distances set out in the BTF rulebook for this age group are:

  • Swim 50m (pool) 50m to 100m (open water)
  • Bike 1000m (grass) 1.5km (tarmac)
  • Run 600m
  • Run 400m
  • Bike 800m (grass) 1.5km (tarmac)
  • Run 200m
  • Swim 50m (pool) 50m to 100m (open water)
  • Run 600m

Weekly Schedule - Group S

The Group S weekly schedule of training on Saturdays for Spring Term 2019 is set out below.

12-JanLord Butler9am to 10amRun
19-JanLord Butler9am to 10amBike
26-JanLord Butler9am to 10amRun
02-FebLord Butler9am to 10amBike
09-FebLord Butler9am to 10amRun
16-FebHalf TermHalf TermHalf Term
23-FebHalf TermHalf TermHalf Term
02-MarLord Butler9am to 10amBike
09-MarLord Butler9am to 10amRun
16-MarLord Butler9am to 10amBike
23-MarLord Butler9am to 10amRun