Group F

Tristar 3, Youths and Juniors (Born in 2006 or earlier)

Group F is for members who’s main aim is to develop their personal fitness and skills levels, or for younger less developed members who are not yet ready to train with Group C. Whilst many members of this groups may not compete in triathlons, they will be encouraged to do so either individually or as part of a relay team 

Group F train for two hours from 8.30am to 10.30am on Saturdays during school terms. From Sept 2018 the group is for those who were born in 2000 to 2006 inclusive who will race in either the Tristar 3, Youth or Junior age groups in 2019.

The aim of the group is develop the members fitness, strength flexibility and skill levels associated with triathlon. Training sessions will be less demanding than Group C but will still push members out of their comfort zones whilst retaining a fun and social element. 

Tim Wright is the Group Leader and can be contacted at Tim is supported by Ben and Paul.

You will find details of how to apply to join Group F on the membership page.

Tim Wright

Group F Leader

(Level 2 Triathlon)

Tim Wright

Tim joined the coaching team at the beginning of 2010 having answered an earlier request for Parents for help. He is not a triathlete but this does not stop you becoming a good Triathlon coach. He has passed the BTF Level 1 coaching qualification in early 2011 and Level 2 in February 2013. Tim is Joely and Nathan’s Dad.

To find out more about Group F you can contact Tim at

Paul Barnes

Group F Coach

(Level 1 Triathlon)


Paul Barnes

Paul joined the coaching team at the beginning of 2015 and qualified as a Level 1 Triathlon coach in February 2016. He has been a mountain bike rider since their infancy in the 1980's and is also a keen motorcyclist. He is Dad to Abi who trains in Group C.


Weekly Schedule - Group F

The Group F weekly schedule of training on Saturdays for Spring Term 2019 is set out below.

12-JanCarver Baracks8.30am to 10.30amBike and Run
19-JanCarver Baracks8.30am to 10.00amBike and Run
26-JanCarver Baracks8.30am to 10.30amBike and Run
02-FebCarver Baracks8.30am to 10.30amBike and Run
09-FebCarver Baracks8.30am to 10.30amBike and Run
16-FebHalf TermHalf TermHalf Term
23-FebHalf TermHalf TermHalf Term
02-MarCarver Baracks8.30am to 10.30amBike and Run
09-MarCarver Baracks8.30am to 10.30amBike and Run
16-MarCarver Baracks8.30am to 10.30amBike and Run
23-MarCarver Baracks8.30am to 10.30amBike and Run
30-MarRedbridge Cycling CentreAfternoon time TBCBike