Group F

Tristar 3, Youths and Juniors (Born in 2011 or earlier)

Group F is for members whose main aim is to develop their personal fitness and skills levels, or for younger less developed members who are not yet ready to train with Group C. Whilst many members of this groups may not compete in triathlons, they will be encouraged to do so either individually or as part of a relay team 

Group F train for two hours from 8.30am to 10.30am on Saturdays during school terms. From Sept 2023 the group is for those who were born in 2006 to 2011 inclusive who will race in either the Tristar 3, Youth or Junior age groups in 2024.

Swim training is now provided on Sunday mornings and is an extra session to Saturday training; more information can be found here.

The aim of the group is develop the members fitness, strength flexibility and skill levels associated with triathlon. Training sessions will be less demanding than Group C but will still push members out of their comfort zones whilst retaining a fun and social element. 

Ben Bely is the Group Leader and can be contacted at Ben is supported by:

Coaches Activators
Ben Bely Richard Simms
Dave Pulford Tujan Sari
Andy Cockburn  
Sam Hughes  
Steve Blackwell  

You will find details of how to apply to join Group F on the membership page.

Ben Bely

Group F Group Leader

(Level 2 Triathlon)

Ben Bely

Benoit /bɛnˈwɑː/, aka Ben, moved with his family to Saffron Walden from France in 2009. He joined the WaldenJNR Group F coaching team in 2016 and quickly gained his Level 1 qualification and completed his Level 2 in the Spring of 2019. He took over leader of Group C and is now leader of Group F.
Ben's two son's Maël (former Group C) and Luhan (former Group C) have raced for many years and bored of just acting as a taxi service Ben decided to take the plunge and enter the Basildon Aquathlon in 2013. He hasn't looked back since and now regularly competes around the region. Ben is Club Captain of WaldenTRI in 2019 and is passionate about ensuring the older "whippersnapper" WaldenJNR members compete in adult competitions alongside the "old codgers" of WaldenTRI. 
"Being part of WaldenJNR has played a key role in helping my family fully integrate into the local community" 

You can contact Ben at

Sam Hughes

Group F Group

(Level 2 Triathlon)

Sam Hughes

Sam joined the coaching team in September 2017  and completed her Level 2 in Spring 2020.

Sam is a member of WaldenTri and competed in her first sprint triathlon in 2015 (the WT15).  Previously she was based in Kent where she competed in adventure racing (running, mountain biking and canoeing, all while navigating) and orienteering as well as the occasional off-road duathlon and road running races. Sam has played in national premier league teams for hockey and touch rugby and represented England at masters level for touch rugby (2010 and 2011).  

Sam’s son Andrew trains with Group 2.