Cambridge Tri Club's Aquathlon

Sunday 17 September 2017, 08:00am

Bottisham Village College Sports Centre, Bottisham, Cambridge CB25 9DL

Summary of Event

The aim of this event is to have fun racing, to encourage mixing within and between Cambridge Tri Club and Walden Tri club and their friends and to provide a friendly introduction to multi-sport for novices.


Club Championship Race

Junior Club Championship Race


08:00 registration and transition open
08:40 registration closes
08:45 race briefing at the finish line
09:00 race starts
12:30 results (provisional time)


Entries cost £7.50 via the British Triathlon website.

Competitors can enter as individuals and will be placed by the race organisers into a team or they can enter as a team.

It is a mixed team event, for teams of 3 to 5 competitors. The overall team score will be calculated from the average of the ranking position within each category. If you know who is going to be in your team please email the names of all the team members to the following email address once you have all entered the event online:

Teams can be from 3 to 5 people from the above categories, but for each team to qualify it must have a minimum of one entrant from the Tristar/Youth category and one entrant from the Senior/Vet/Super Vet Category. This ensures that the principle of a scoring team comprising one under 16 and one over 18 is upheld. Teams can only be made up from members from the same Club.

Novices are encouraged to race but will not be part of a team. They will be placed in one of 3 novice age categories races with separate prizes.

A Novice is defined as anyone having competed in less than 3 mulitsport events who doesn’t want to enter one of the main age categories (if you have competed in less than 3 multisport events you can still enter the main categories if you’d prefer).


The swim is a wave swim in the school pool, followed by a flat grass run on the school playing fields.

Race Distances

Age Group Swim Run
Tristart 50m 600m
Tristart 1 150m 1200m
Tristar 2 200m 1800m
Tristar 3 300m 2400m
Youth 300m 2400m
Junior 400m 3000m
Senior (19-39 yrs) 400m 3000m
Veteran (40+ yrs) 400m 3000m
Super Vet (50+ yrs) 400m 3000m
Novice Kids (8 to 10yrs) 50m 600m
Novice Kids (11 to 16yrs) 100m 1800m
Novice Adults (17+) 100m 2400m