Photography and Video Use Policy

Use of Photographic & Video Images of Children/Young People under the age of 18

Policy Statement

WaldenJNR is committed to providing a safe environment for children/young people under the age of 18 to participate in Triathlon. Essential to this commitment, is to ensure that all necessary steps are taken to protect children/young people from the inappropriate use of photographic images.

WaldenJNR have adopted the following good practice guidelines issued by British Triathlon:

Use of Photographic Filming Equipment at Triathlon Events

WaldenJNR will:

  • Inform athletes and parents that a photographer will be in attendance at an event and ensure they consent to both the taking and publication of films or photographs.
  • Require parents, spectators and authorised photographers (e.g. press) to register at an event if they wish to use any photographic equipment including mobile phones with photographic technology.
  • Issue identification passes which must be worn and clearly visible at all times during the event.
  • Not allow unsupervised access to athletes or one to one photo sessions at events.
  • Not approve/allow photo sessions outside the events or at an athlete’s home.
  • Act on the concerns of any athletes and parents regarding the inappropriate use of photographic equipment.
  • Inform children/young people and their parents/carers if video equipment is to be used as a coaching aid and gain consent for this.
  • Information on taking photographs at WaldenJNR events will be clearly displayed at registration. Included in this will be explicit advise that photographs of children should not be published in print or online without the consent of the parent of the child.
  • Appropriate announcements will be made reminding people to register and a marshall allocated to checking that people taking photographs have registered.

Everyone involved in triathlon has a responsibility to monitor inappropriate camera use and report their concerns. Be aware of people taking pictures in situations that are not the norm, if you see someone acting in an unusual manner, challenge them. Report concerns to the race director or child welfare officer.

All photographs should meet the following general standards:

  • Photographs of juniors should be action or group shots.
  • Photographs should only be taken of people wearing suitable dress and should focus on the activity rather than full body shots. Inappropriate clothing that could cause safety issues should not be worn.
  • Photographs must show children wearing appropriate safety equipment for the activity.
  • Poolside shots of children should normally be above the waist shots only.
  • Where photographs are being taken by parents who have been issued a pass, their own child should generally be the main subject of their photographs, other competitors may  be included in the shot but should not be the main subject.

Official Photographers

At some events/ training the club may invite an official photographer to take photos. Official photographers will be expected to comply with all of the above. In addition anyone in this role should be CRB checked and the club will ask to see proof of a current CRB check.

  • The club will provide information to the photographer regarding safeguarding policies and procedures.
  • The club will provide a clear brief about what is appropriate in terms of content. In particular
  • Focus on the activity rather than the individual
  • Include groups of children rather than individuals if possible.
  • Ensure appropriate dress.
  • Represent the broad range of youngsters participating in the sport, boys and girls, children with disabilities, members of minority ethnic communities.
  • The club will determine who will hold the images, how they will be stored and what is to be done with them after they have served their purpose.
  • The club will ensure that official photographers are informed about those children who do not have consent for photographs to be taken.

Use of images

  • The club may use images in the following ways; on the club website, for articles for the press and for sharing on the club's closed Flickr site.
  • All images will be vetted for suitability before use by either the head coach or child welfare officer. Complaints or concerns regarding any images used by the club can be addressed to the child welfare officer.
  • Images will be protected as far as is technically possible at the time of publication.
  • All photographs will be removed/ updated after three years.

Publishing Images

  • Through the use of a consent form, we will ask for the permission of young athletes and their carers to take and use their image on each occasion an image is to be used.
  • If an athlete is named, we will avoid using their photograph
  • If a photograph is used, we will avoid naming the athlete.
  • We will NEVER publish personal details (email addresses, telephone numbers, addresses etc) of a child/young person
  • We will only authorise the use of images of athletes in suitable dress appropriate to the event they are participating in.